Mary K.

For 13 years, Mary has loved the homey feel here and the great customers.​

Holly W. is a favorite with our customers.

Her bright smile and cheery service light up peoples' days!

Nietzsche M.

A hometown boy, Neitzsche has already been here

1 year!

Holly W.

At the cafe for 15 years, this Holly considers the WildWood community a second family!

Our staff is known for their great smiles and their length of service at WildWood Cafe~


319 NE Baker St.
McMinnville, OR 97128

Open Every day!

​7:00 am - 2:00pm

(except Thanksgiving Day

& Christmas Day)

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April E.

April loves the staff and the customers at the cafe, and has been here nearly 3 years. has Great Employees!

Veronica M.

After 9 years, 'Ronni' still loves everything about working here.

Holly V.

An employee of 16 years, she loves the sense of community, and getting to know people.

Jose O.

Our wonderful

Executive Chef & Kitchen Manager has been here 3 years.